The Story of Salt ....

The mesmerizing pink and white crystals of Himalayan salt have a history that goes way back to 300 million years when they were dissolved in the water of ancient oceans. These oceans dried up over time and left behind this rock salt as deposits.

Over time this salt has retained its natural purity, thanks to the mountainous region which sealed them from chemicals and pollutants. This is why Himalayan pink salt is now one of the healthiest natural salts known to man. Yes, this salt can also be used in the preparation of relaxing, detoxifying bath salt mixed with your favourite essential oils for extra skin nourishment!

When used as a body scrub, it can increase blood circulation and combat cellulite under the skin, as well as assist in the management of ingrown hair.

The Mi:Range Body Revive Salt range is a combination of fine and coarse salts, infused with relaxing scented oils and botanicals for added fragrance and antioxidant goodness.

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