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I started a "What Covid Gave Us" series of discussions with a group of friends on a very small platform, and I soon realised that although the last 2.5years have probably been the worst in our lifetime, they have also come with so much self-realisation - well at least for me.

I spent so much time alone during the hard lock down, a time that forced me to tap into the creativity I always knew I had, just never enjoyed in all the years in corporate.

So after looking at myself in the mirror and deciding I had bad skin, I built an interest in learning how to correct this through homeopathic means. I followed and read so many blogs, gathered up the ingredients and equipment list and made my first VitC Brightening Serum with Ascorbic Acid, and Turmeric Clay Face Scrub. They were far from perfect, but after a few more refills I became so confident that I started talking to my friends about it.

A few months into the hobby, I began to see a difference, and my friends could see it too. I stopped wearing make-up, and embraced my skin transformation. I later moved onto facial oils, and built chemist for a closet. Every essential oil, from Argan to VitE, to Jojoba to Avocado, the list goes on. I read up on each, researched its benefits and began using them on my hair, my face and my body.

Organic skin products don't work as quickly as medical grade products, so consistency and patience became key if I was to see benefits. Creating skin and body products became a hobby I wanted to see through, and the more I became good at it, the more I wanted to create product and so Mi:Skin (Pty) Ltd, now trading as Mi:Range Skin and Lifestyle Essentials was born.

Mi:Range Skin and Lifestyle Essentials is not just a business that makes and sells body scrubs and body butters; we're a business that supports our clients in their way of life. Someone once said "I want to create my own paradise", that statement had me thinking that you can create the life you want, and the experience you want, and Mi:Range Skin and Lifestyle Essentials is about creating lifestyle experiences that will feel like paradise, that will inspire you to slow down.

We have sourced and crafted fragrances that you will love, and essentials you will enjoy.

Visit our online store for product ranges, promos and pop-up store locations and updates.

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